in 2004 a seed was planted in a world apart with unseen parallels in what would come to be. studs was a project in the street art & skate world that for three individuals celebrated their style, creativity, fearlessness, and ingenuity. not knowing that this philosophy would grow into the fpv world… the lifestyle, culture, and people of fpv show parallels that have brought studs back… not for the three individuals… but for everyone.

studs stands for the what it used to stand for… style, creativity, fearlessness, and ingenuity. it stands for the fpv pilot and those who are all about the life, the videos, and the shredding.

through countless trials the primo came to be. it is strong, minimal, and customizable frame. the primo is a function first design that checks off all the boxes and through the process of making it a great rig for racing and sessions it naturally looked dope.

from a pencil to a calligraphy brush, a writing tool in the hands of a skilled artist… sik. from blank skateboard deck to skis, a fundamental design paired with the right fearlessness… epic. so, we believe in making a rig that will keep pilots in the air longer so that they can show their style, perform their creativity and perfect their skills.

let the pros wear their sponsors. this isn’t give-away promo nonsense to get a name out and sell parts… it’s just fresh design with a philosophy on quality material. these threads represent the life, they represent the people, they elevate you. so, the streetwear uses only the best threads… or it would simply be sacrilege.

in the lifestyle \ streetwear and in the fpv drone racing frame \ session frame _ primo… we trust. in the worlds it brings together we trust. where are you from?

studs life saves.

LA => NYC => INT'L

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soon $160.00 $100

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